More apartheid on the way as only Maori can veto the name of a wine or spirit

This is the sort of stuff that costs governments support.

Maori are being given full control over the names of wines and spirits, says New Zealand First.

“This is utter lunacy. It is race-based decision making that could inhibit New Zealand producers? ability to use their preferred branding,” says Primary Industries Spokesperson Richard Prosser.

“Maori are being handed special rights under new legislation that will allow them to object to proposed names associated with geographical features.

“New Zealand First decided to vote against the Geographical Indicators (Wine and Spirits) Amendment Bill because of this clause which required a newly set up Registrar of Geographical Indicators to consult a Maori advisory committee over wine and spirit labels that might cause offence.

“This clause turned the Bill which is otherwise non-controversial, into something untenable.?

“It is separatist and divisive, it is insultingly patronising and paternalistic to Maori and is a backward step in terms of race relations especially in terms of one law for all in New Zealand.

“The Bill is aimed at protecting New Zealand?s brands in international markets which is a good thing.

“New Zealand First proposed that the Geographic Board be consulted in the case of anyone being offended by a proposed name, but this was rejected by the National Government.

“Bizarrely Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Goldsmith said that he couldn?t see how the Geographic Board was relevant to a Bill dealing with geographic indicators”, says Mr Prosser.


The only thing stopping National plummeting in the polls with insane garbage like this is that Labour are so bloody useless.

They won’t oppose this bill because they probably support this sort of cultural cringe.

Winston Peters is making more and more sense, which is pretty bad given he is well past 70, smokes like a chimney and still enjoys his scotch in quantities that would slay a horse.


– NZ First