These Auckland Council signs are a waste of time and money

Auckland council must be wearing their grumpy old bastard pants this week because they sent someone down to ruin wholesome family fun close to where I live. My family and many others like to walk to the duck pond with our left-over old bread to hand feed it to the local bird life. There are pukekos, ducks, pigeons, seagulls and sparrows and the pieces they miss are gobbled up by the local eels.

PHOTO- Fish & Game NZ

PHOTO- Fish & Game NZ


It has been happening for years so when the birds see you coming they stampede towards you, the pukekos usually outrunning the ducks. They will even take the bread out of our hands. During duck shooting season the pond’s population explodes due to ducks seeking sanctuary.


So the question has to be asked. Why are we no longer allowed to feed the wildlife? This isn’t a Zoo and the ducks are not on special diets. Feeding wild birds is one of those free pleasures in life. It is a PC activity for the whole family. Did Auckland council really need to erect not one but two eyesore signs in the pond?


Speaking of family activities another free leisure activity where we live is walking on the beach and around the rocks. A few weeks back a small part of the cliff came down after some heavy rain. The council sent a number of men in hard helmets and fluoro vests to ponder the problem. They went away then came back after a few days with some danger tape to put around the rock fall area. A week or so later they returned again to install this small sign which you can only read clearly if you stand close to where the rocks are falling down.



Maybe I am old fashioned but a bloody big pile of rocks and a gash in the cliff where they fell from is a pretty big warning sign to me that the cliff face is unstable and I should avoid walking where the rocks have fallen.

Last year the exact same thing happened but within a week a rockfall took out the sign that had been attached to the cliff. They sent in their guys to ponder the problem and came back with a sign on a pole which they installed at the bottom of the cliff. I joked to Cam that a bloody great rock would land on it and crush it and guess what happened?



The second sign was not replaced until we had another rock fall this year. I think that the council should quit?while they are ahead.

As for the “do not feed the ducks” sign they are going to have a problem with my pedantic family. The sign does not say “do not feed the birds,” it says “do not feed the ducks.” We will ?feel justified feeding the pukekos, pigeons, seagulls and sparrows. If the ducks decide to help themselves then really the council will have to take the matter up with the ducks.