Was Beefy running short of hookers and coke?


Ian Botham has had a massive rant at politicians, especially Tony Blair, over their wish to go against the Brexit referendum result:

The ex-England captain attacked europhile politicians such as Tony Blair and Sir John Major after both former prime ministers this week suggested Britain?s exit from the EU could be halted.

In a furious blast on Twitter, Sir Ian wrote: ?When are these people going to accept and get on with the fact that we had a referendum….and the country voted “LEAVE” ?!! Move on..!!?

The sporting star, dubbed ?Beefy?, teamed up with the Vote Leave campaign before the June 23 referendum, as he expressed fears Britain was ?losing identity? and would be ?swallowed up? by an EU superstate. ?

Amid a backlash from Remain supporters to his Twitter outburst, Sir Ian berated the ?dying EU? and insisted he wants ?what is best for the country and to run it ourselves not Brussels?.

But Sir Ian attracted unusual support from ITV?s Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, who posted: ?Agreed, Beefy. I voted Remain but we lost, Leave won. It’s called democracy. Move on & make it work.?

Sir Ian, who is currently in India to cover England?s ongoing tour in his role as a Sky Sports commentator, spoke out following another pro-Remain intervention by Mr Blair this week.

The ex-Labour premier used a New Statesman interview to insist Brexit ?can be stopped? despite admitting he is too unpopular to return to frontline British politics to make the case for staying in the EU.

Like the petulant Democrats trying to usurp the US elections at the moment, the Remainers are the ones who are actually anti-democratic. They make calls for everyone to accept the result (if they win) and then start trying to sabotage the result when they lose.

These are the so-called Progressives. There is nothing progressive about them, they are without exception snivelling lefty tossers who want to return to the glory days of the seventies.


– The?Express