The Blue Wall turns into a Red lake


The map above shows the likely end result of the Electoral College.

It clearly shows the damage that Donald Trump has done to the Democrats. The much vaunted ‘Blue Wall’ has been destroyed and inundated by a Red Lake.

Where the damage occurs is in a couple of years time when in 2018?next Senate election is held. They will have to defend 25 seats to eight for the Republicans. If Trump starts delivering before then the Republican could end up with a super-majority in the Senate. at the very least the Republicans likely to control the Senate until at least 2020 and the House also. ?

Meanwhile, because the Democrats played “it’s Hillary’s turn” for the nomination they’re left with a weak cast of potential candidates to challenge President Trump in 4 years time. Bernie Sanders is past it, Joe Biden was too close to Hillary and of course, Obama and John Kerry is an old fool as well. Elizabeth Warren is likewise compromised and old. someone is going to have to step up.

The map shown above is at state level, look what happens when you examine results at the county level.


Trump crushed the much-vaunted ground game of the Democrats. He crushed the dirty politics teams of George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

People remain surprised but only the truly deaf, blind and stupid could have been surprised. He took out the Republican nomination when everyone said he couldn’t. Jeb Bush fought that battle with $100 million. Ted Cruz had the ground game and massive machine, Scott Walker and Chris Christie had massive profiles. The man they said couldn’t win the nomination?did, and then the man they said couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton did, and as you can see from the maps, he didn’t just beat her he destroyed her.

The only people surprised that he won were Blind Freddy and his pals in the Media party. The voters just voted.

Meanwhile the left-wing will be left scratching their heads that their much-vaunted social media campaigns, bullying, violence and dirty tricks got smashed. Just like Nicky Hager and his mob here.