Breaking: Key “ashen faced” about AG’s report into the Shady Sheep Scam


The media has been given all sorts of nice info today. ?I queued a post for later in the day waxing lyrical about the economy and National’s prospects for the 2017 election.

This will be a vain attempt to deflect what lies ahead with the AG’s report into the Saudi Sheep “Deal”.

National?is expected to release it at 1 pm, hoping to fend off any calls for an urgent debate. ?This will be somewhat pointless, as there is still a sitting day tomorrow as well.

Key is going to need to sacrifice someone. ??He should waste no time shooting what’s left of Murray McCully’s career in the back of the head and throwing the lifeless political body from the 9th floor.

Good news about sub-5% unemployment isn’t going to drown out this bit of news.

I know Key doesn’t want a by-election. ?But at the same time, he would be well advised not to spend any political capital on trying to keep Muzza in the job. ?As INCITE:Poltics readers know, even though Key is far from the danger zone, our INCITE:Politics/Curia polling shows he’s been steadily losing approval over this year.

I suspect National will just get the lie of the land over the next two days to give his favourite pollster a chance to run the thermometer up the nation’s scratcher, and if it comes back looking red, McCully will be gone.