Brian and Hannah Tamaki refuse to take it lying down

Talk about a PR disaster… Hannah Tamaki is now gloating they will make money from the fundraiser in their name.

Hannah Tamaki is urging people to donate to a charity drive set up to protest against her husband – boasting that Bishop Brian will enjoy a slice of the cash.

The Tamakis have been in the firing line since Brian gave a sermon in which he claimed gay people, sinners and murderers were to blame for natural disasters.

That prompted an online campaign asking people to donate to Rainbow Youth using Brian Tamaki’s name. More than $3000 has been given.

But in a provocative tweet today, Hannah said Brian would reap the rewards.

“Just letting u knw. if u do this. Brian will get a 3rd of that money back. in tax return. so go ahead. make a donation towards us. Thk u [sic].”…

Rainbow Youth supporters were directed to make the donations in Brian Tamaki’s name, using Destiny Church’s office email address, to spite him for his homophobic sermon.

But that means receipts would go to the Tamakis and, according to IRD rules, if proved valid come tax rebate time, the self-appointed Bishop could claim 33 per cent of each donation over $5.


But that’s not the worst of it. ?

…a petition to strip Destiny Church of its tax-free status has gained more than 116,000 signatures of support.

Brian’s sermon, just hours before the devastating 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake at 12.02am on Monday, blamed gay people among others for natural disasters.

Tamaki later hit out at media for sensationalising the sermon and tried to back track on RadioLive saying it wasn’t just gay people who were being punished for their sins, but adulterers, child abusers and anybody indulging in “extra-sexual behaviour”.

This week Peter Dunne echoed calls from the public to strip Destiny Church of its tax-exempt status.

On Thursday Dunne tweeted: “I do not favour taxing genuine churches & real charities, but as Destiny is obviously neither it should pay taxes like any other business”.

Dunne is such a dick. ?He’s actually the Minister in charge of charities. ?Not that he has any power over this. ?But who will be the one to decide which church is real? ?I can assure you that “real” churches would not want any degree of detailed scrutiny to be applied. ? Whatever Destiny is thought to fail on, other churches won’t make the grade either.

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association… but not if you’re Peter Dunne. ?He’s the one to decide if you “deserve” these freedoms.


– NZ Herald