The American Media keeps crying “wolf”



Clearly, the left-wing media have learned nothing from Trump’s win. They demonised him and smeared him and the free publicity they gave him contributed?to his?historical triumph but they are making the same mistake all over again by crying “wolf.”


James O’Keefe who is responsible for Project Veritas?that revealed Hillary Clinton’s?dirty tricks campaign against Trump can see the Media’s mistake.


On both social media and mainstream media, the smearing of President-elect Trump’s choice for his chief strategist and senior counselor Stephen Bannon has been swift and extensive. They cried “monster” when writing about Trump and they are crying “wolf” about Stephen Bannon. Bannon is the executive chairman of the very popular and fast expanding Breitbart news??who took some time off to run Trump’s ?general election campaign. The media have painted Bannon as a wolf using the following smears…

Smear:?Breitbart news is a far-right website.

Fact: It is a conservative/libertarian website

Smear:?Breitbart news is an alt-right website.

Fact: Breitbart news employs Milo Yiannopoulos who isn’t alt-right but who has said that he sees himself as ?the only journalist who gave them a fair hearing.” Milo has?written about the alt-right and has attempted to describe the movement.

Smear:?Stephen Bannon is a white nationalist.

Fact: This smear is based on the left-wings deliberate misunderstanding of what the alt-right actually is.Because Breitbart writes articles about the alt-right and is popular with alt-right readers it has been called an alt-right site. Some claim that Bannon has even called it that.To the left-wing, the alt-right’s?nationalistic, patriotic,pro-borders and anti-immigration views mean it is a white supremacist movement. While there are some white supremacists who call themselves alt-right it is not an accurate label for the movement as a whole. Breitbart news writing about a variety of political viewpoints including alt-right viewpoints does not make its chairman a white nationalist.

Smear: Stephen Bannon is ?anti-semitic


Joel Pollak explains why this is a lie.

It defies logic that a man who was a close friend, confidant, and adviser to the late Andrew Breitbart ? a proud Jew ??could have any negative feelings towards Jews. As I can testify from years of work together with Steve in close quarters, the opposite is the case: Steve is outraged by antisemitism. If anything, he is overly sensitive about it, and often takes offense on Jews? behalf.

Steve cares deeply about the fate of Jewish communities in America and throughout the world, a fact that is reflected in Breitbart News? daily coverage. It was in that spirit that Steve joined Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov (also Jewish) in launching Breitbart Jerusalem last year, fulfilling Andrew?s dream of opening a bureau in Israel specifically to cover the region from an unabashedly Zionist perspective.

Pamela Geller explains why this is an outright lie also.

…the lies, smears, and defamation of Bannon have begun. I know well how this process works. It?s evil. As the enemedia bombards us with claims that Bannon is a white supremacist and an anti-Semite, I am, as a Jew and a proud Zionist, honored to stand up for Steve Bannon.

Smear number 5. Stephen Bannon is a misogynist


A fake news web site put words in Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon’s mouth to the effect that he defended spousal abuse as an act of “love.”


screenshot from Snopes

screenshot from Snopes

Spreading lies and misinformation about Trump did not get Hillary elected and smearing Stephen Bannon will just make Trump voters’?resolve harden. The media have become like the boy who cried wolf. They have lied so many times that if they ever do print the truth, nobody is going to believe them.