Coffey Tantrum: Agrees Experts Give Him No Chance

Tamati Coffey, former weatherman and now Labour candidate for Waiariki, has a very thin skin. He is currently throwing a tantrum because every reporter, academic and pundit (who he calls ‘experts’), gives him no chance of winning the Waiariki seat.


And he loved his own tantrum so much he didn’t just like it, he ‘loved’ it as himself and then switched over to his business and ‘loved’ it again.


Mr Coffey is responding in part to comments by award-winning journalist Maiki Sherman on The Nation:

I don?t think that Tamati Coffey has what it takes to beat Te Ururoa Flavell. That seat is tied up for the Maori Party. The thing with Waiariki is that that seat is won and lost on the marae, and so when Tamati Coffey doesn?t have te reo Maori, he can?t stand on the marae, and many people in the back rooms and in the kitchen will be wondering if they?ve seen him out the back doing the dishes or peeling the spuds lately, and so I think Te Ururoa will be fine in that seat.

This was quickly highlighted by the Maori Party:


Tamati Coffey is even getting attacked from people on the left. The Daily Blog has endorsed the view that Labour must lose the Maori seats.


No one takes Tamati Coffey’s chances seriously. He’s up against the leader of a political party, he doesn’t speak Maori and he has spent most his career out of the electorate. He’s an ill fit for the electorate and out of his depth as a political candidate. This tantrum of his just reinforces this view.

Here’s a free tip for Tamati, just to turn his quote around.