Come on John, stop being a dick


The Prime Minister John Key is refusing to consider a “body” recovery at Pike River Mine, despite the fact workers are now entering the tunnel.

“Mr Key promised the families of the Pike 29 that he would ?do everything we can to get those bodies out? – but […]?in Parliament he avoided the issue, saying it is not for a politician to make the decision.

“Why then did he make that promise – was it just made up so he could grandstand during the tragedy.

“Mr Key is relying on historic advice that re-entry to the mine is unsafe when one of his own Ministers, Maggie Barry, witnessed so many people coming and going a few weeks ago that it was apparently ?like State Highway 6?.

“When we asked about this in Parliament Mr Key claimed nothing had changed at the mine since 2014.

“However, New Zealand First has been informed that contractors and others have been working in the tunnel without any breathing apparatus which contradicts the risk assessment conducted by the owner, Solid Energy, claiming it couldn?t be done and vindicates expert advice to the families of the 29 victims that the seal was unnecessary.”

There is no love lost between me and some of the scumbag Greymouth trouble makers that surround the Pike River mine agitators, but a deal is a deal.

Let those families try to recover the bodies of their loved ones. ?It’s the decent thing to do. ?They’re even willing to pay for it themselves and do it themselves. ?In spite of you having promised to help out.

Yes, it’s going to open old wounds that National can do without. ?But for goodness sake, if there was ever was a time to swallow a rat John, it’s this one. ? You’re bigger than this.

Let them go look for their lost boys.