Comment of the Day


A message from regular commenter GregM:

Some thoughts for the left all around the world.?For the last 20 or so years, you have pandered to minorities and single issue nutters and have ignored your core supporters, the working man. But worse than that, you have told them they are stupid, uneducated, and you and your academic and media friends know what’s best for them as you marginalise them then dump them on the scrapheap. Then to rub salt into the wound you tax them hard to pay for your largesse and to further your own agenda.

Well, guess what, the average lunchbox toting Joe has had enough of it, and they want their countries back.

What happens next? ?

The sun comes up in the morning. The average Joe goes to work, with a bit of hope for the future for the first time in a long time. Some trade deals will be scrapped, but some fantastic opportunities for new ones are there for the making. American tourists will still come to Queenstown, and we will still travel there as we always have.

The world has had enough of progressive liberal claptrap that has served nobody but the elite who have been promoting it.

Good luck and God speed President Trump.

Spot on Greg.