Why is it a company’s role to stop domestic violence?

I knew Jackie Blue was a bleeding liberal who cried at the drop of a hat. Word is she cried frequently in caucus.

So it is no wonder that she has come up with the lunatic idea that employers should be doing something to address domestic violence.

Employers who adopt?a family violence policy could go?beyond saving money – the move could save lives as well.

As part of ?Friday’s White Ribbon Day, the?Human Rights Commission launched a campaign aimed at encouraging businesses to introduce a family violence policy in their workplaces.

As domestic violence affected?one in three women, Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue said ?hundreds of businesses around New Zealand would be feeling the effects as well. ?

“The damaging and pervasive effects of family violence extends beyond the home. ?Many victims and perpetrators will invariably bring their trauma with them to work and are more likely to be disengaged, less productive and to suffer workplace accidents,” she said.

“By implementing a family violence policy, the cost savings to the business will be truly significant but crucially, for victims, it can be life-changing and life-saving,” Blue said. Domestic violence costs the country’s workplaces about $386 million a year.

Well, that’s nice but I still fail to see how it is the employer’s problem.

The problem rests with the shitbags who think it is cool to beat up their missus.

I’ll change my mind when Peter Goodfellow gets his companies to implement such a policy and says so publicly…oh, and starts wearing a White Ribbon.


– Fairfax