Part One: Out of context? I don’t think so

Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib has claimed that his words as edited together in our video were taken out of context.

In that post, he has unfairly cut and pasted various short sections of my lectures and presented them as complete. He has thus taken my lectures entirely out of context and completely misrepresented me…Those who have watched all the complete videos will find that I have not at all incited any hatred towards others. Nowhere in these videos have I asked anyone to attack or harm anyone.

-Press statement

Ironically Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib with that statement is misrepresenting what our post said. Nowhere in our post did it say that he was inciting hatred or asking people to attack or harm anyone. His words as viewed edited together from various lectures clearly expressed views unacceptable in a modern and equal society like New Zealand.Views that we consider intolerant and hateful.

He challenged readers to view each individual video to see the context in which the words were spoken so I have taken him up on his offer and have watched the above video. This is the video where he was quoted in our edited video saying that…

“if you think it is okay to be a Christian,or okay to be a Jew or okay to be a Hindu, and that everybody have their rights to be whatever they are and they are going to go to Jannah then you are not a Muslim 100% and you can never be a Muslim.”

You will find him saying these words starting at 5:16/34:36 .

Do you think that there is any context that would turn that view into a tolerant one? It is pretty clear that only Muslims in his view get to go to Jannah and any Muslim who is tolerant of other beliefs is not just wrong he is not a true Muslim. He can never be a Muslim. Those are strong words, intolerant words.

His words are in the context of a lecture about the requirements of being a Muslim. At the start of the video, he says “Allah doesn’t need you to be a Muslim but we need you to be Muslims” He also says that it is not enough to recite the words that make you a Muslim because part of the requirement is also

“to deny any other associated partners with Allah.”

“It is not enough to say Islam is the dean of Islam is the dean of Allah” NOTE: ( I think he said dean but it may have been another word )

These were the words he said before he said

“if you think it is okay to be a Christian,or okay to be a Jew or okay to be a Hindu, and that everybody have their rights to be whatever they are and they are going to go to Jenna [Heaven ]then you are not a Muslim 100% and you can never be a Muslim.”

After saying that he then said

” because you did not comply with the first part of Islam and that is the most important part”

He then spoke about Muslims needing to know what others are talking about so that they will have the “bullets” of knowledge that they need to defend their faith. He then spoke about the Cartoons that were drawn in Europe. He made no condemnation of the violence and slaughter of the cartoonists or the death threats that sent other cartoonists into permanent hiding.He didn’t even acknowledge the blood that was spilt or the Islamic terrorism in reaction to the cartoons. He was only interested in saying that what they drew and wrote

“was fabricated and there was no truth in it whatsoever.”

He said that

“(they think they) have freedom of speech, freedom of beleif,we know there is nothing like that anywhere in the world.”

He did not explain what he meant by that statement.He went on to say that if people were given the right message they would realise that Muhammad was not a bad person but instead a saint.He spoke about countries that call themselves Christian countries but that only have 10% of the population who identify themselves as Christian. He asked how they could call themselves a Christian country. He urged his audience to defend the honour of Islam by making it clear that they are Muslims. He also mentioned that Auckland’s Muslim population is now at 2%.

He spoke about people being affected by their environment and how their role as Muslims included affecting non-Muslims when they connect with them. He pointed out that when they invite other families and neighbours over they ( the neighbours ) will not sing or dance as that is Haram so for that period of time their environment will have been affected.

I have provided you with the context for his words taken from the above video and put into our edited video. You can clearly see from what he said both before and after those words that we did not quote him out of context.

Please take him up on his challenge and view the video in its entirety if you have time. TV 3 reporters watched all of his videos in their entirety and said that his words, ” spoke for themselves.”