The continued political delusions of Andrew Little

Andrew Little 13

Andrew Little has posted a message to his dwindling supporters.

He begins:

The slogan of Hillary Clinton?s campaign is ?stronger together?. It’s an idea that I think also applies to how I have approached leading the Labour Party and the Opposition. It explains why we have had so many wins in the last two years, and why the polls show the race for 2017 is now neck and neck.

The right wing of politics is always about dividing people from each other: whether on ethnicity, employment status, sexual identity, or simply those who have and the have nots.

So much fail in two short paragraphs. It can be broken down into two parts, delusions and lies.

For a start, he is talking about some wins no one else has seen and polls that are a figment of his imagination.

Secondly, he is saying it is the right-wing of politics who is divisive.

Remind me again who it was that singled out people with chinky sounding names from those without chinky sounding names to try to blame them for the suposed housing crisis. That was some real shabby politics right there that Labout promulgated. Now the political retard is trying to blame National for divisiveness. Labour is divisive too, waged vs unwaged, rich pricks, Tory scum, the man ban, and so it goes on.

I’m coming to the conclusion that Andrew Little is ‘special’.

?- Labour paty