David Bain has hurty feelings, pass him a snotty hanky to dry his eyes

Poor old jug-eared David Bain. Instead of slinking off into obscurity he is now professing that he has hurty feelings.

Jared Savage records his butt hurt at the Ferald.

David Bain was “disgusted” with the Australian judge for refusing to meet with him while considering his compensation bid for wrongful imprisonment.

Bain said his rights were “completely abused” by Justice Ian Callinan QC who made “extremely hurtful” comments in finding Bain did not prove his innocence “on the balance of probabilities” of killing five members of his family.

Be nice if the Herald and Bain had told the truth in its opening paragraph. Callinan couldn’t possibly have refused to meet David Bain because David Bain never asked for a meeting.

On the matter of whether David Bain should have been interviewed, Callinan said no request was ever made to him and “no ‘expectation’ that I do so was ever suggested to me”.

“Had any expectation on the part of [Bain] that he would be personally interviewed been communicated to me, I would have needed to consider whether that would be appropriate and helpful, having regard to several matters.”

These included whether to interview Bain in an inquisitorial way, if the Crown should cross-examine him, and if this would turn the process into a “de facto trial”.

I also would have thought Joe Karam would shut his gob at the present time.

The country is sick of David Bain, can’t he just fuck off now?

I’m disgusted at Amy Adams caving and giving him more than one cent of taxpayers money. David Bain should have got nothing, even one cent was too much.

I hope he quakes in fear when his son gets a paper run.


– NZ Herald