David Cohen on NZ punditry misses with US election

David Cohen writes at NBR:

Despite having pressed every conceivable New Zealand angle into the service of its coverage of the impending election, our news media (except Fran O?Sullivan, who got it right) has been notably shy over the past week in localising this most important international aspect of the result, even if it only meant a ruefully self-deprecating editorial chuckle on the pundit front.

Alas, it has been more of the same exquisite condensation. Thus, the?Herald?s?Paul Little, who in August declared it ?just two months and a few days until Hillary Clinton wins the election for president of the United States,? this week wrote about the majority of Americans, presumably including its people of colour, who ?are not good people with fully functioning hearts and minds.? ?

According to fellow stablemate Lizzie Marvelly, if there was one thing to learn from the election it was that ?no one is immune ? not even the most developed liberal democracies on the planet.? Although what it was that New Zealand is not immune from was not entirely clear. And for Jack Tame, Mr Trump?s victory simply ?legitimises bigotry.?

Harsh judgments all ? but what?s harshest of all perhaps is the realisation of how few people will be paying them the slightest attention. Unlike a certain hotelier and WWE personality who will be shifting to Washington in a couple of months.

Paul Little should spend less time on his knees before his best mate and Lizzie Marvelly needs to get out more the poor wee dear.

Now the?Media party are trying to blame fake news for Trumps win.

If that is the case they should look at their own business models, for what is fake news if not native advertising.

The disconnect between members of the Media party and their readers continues unabated.