Dear Editor…

published with permission, personal details redacted

11 November 2016

The Editor
Dominion Post

Dear Editor

We are part of the very large silent majority and you are part of the small but vocal minority who thinks the world revolves around FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and your mainstream newspapers and TV channels.

For years we have put up with the mainstream media?s biased and unbalanced reporting of the news, pimping of the poor, and taking the sides of criminals in our society who should be locked up forever, not sympathised with. We are fed up with the extreme political correctness that has permeated through our society, and the hypocritical attitude of the predominantly left wing media who label anyone who disagrees with them as racist, sexist, redneck and a whole raft of other undesirable names. We are fed up with not getting both sides of the story, just the side that you want us to hear. And we are fed up by you insulting our intelligence by presuming that we are stupid enough to actually believe what you write and too stupid to not be able to get the real news from the many alternative online news sources and blogs that we read these days instead of your newspaper.

We came close to unsubscribing a few months ago when you ran perhaps the most misleading headline we have ever seen ? the exact wording of which escapes me now but it was something like ?One Third of Houses in New Zealand Positive for P?. On reading the article it transpired that one third of some particular HNZ houses that had been tested for P were positive, but in fact only 25% of those particular houses had actually been tested. So the headline should have read ?One Third of 25% of some HNZ Houses Tested Positive for P? ? which is a very small number of houses and a far cry from ?one third of houses in New Zealand?. That kind of misleading headline is utterly unforgivable ? and it happens all the time.

Another thing that annoys me immensely about your paper is the number of dreadful typos, and spelling and grammatical errors in it. Clearly you don?t have subeditors any more to pick up these mistakes but if you do, they aren?t doing their jobs properly.

However, the straw that has broken the camel?s back is your reporting on the Trump victory, in particular Tracey Watkins? article on the front page of yesterday?s Dom Post. The first paragraph reads:

It?s a result no-one saw coming ? The electorate was spoiling for a fight ? but nobody thought the voters would follow through on the threat.

Now I suggest she has left out some very important words. Those sentences should really have read:

It?s a result we in the mainstream media didn?t see coming ? but nobody in the mainstream media thought the voters would follow through ?

Now, I have to say at this point that I am very glad I?m not an American and had to vote for someone this week because essentially it was a choice between mad or bad. I probably would?ve scrawled ?Mickey Mouse for President? across my ballot paper if I had had to vote.

However, I for one definitely saw it coming, and have been saying so for a couple of weeks. For one thing, political polls at election times have been proven to be wrong time and time again ? see our own general election in 2014. I still have Katie Bradford?s famous words ringing in my ears: ?No matter what we talk about, no matter what we do the polls don?t seem to be shifting at all.? No Katie, they won?t. The arrogance of the woman to think that what she says on TV will have any influence on how I and the vast majority of people vote.

You say the result was ?against most predictions?. That?s because the predictions you were referring to came out of the left wing news media echo chamber and were obviously totally biased towards Clinton and out of touch with reality and what most people really think.

What is it that you people don?t get? Again, because the election result didn?t fit your left wing agenda, the newspaper is full of wailing and whinging and hand wringing and acting as though the world is coming to an end. Where are the pages of articles and photos about all the tens of millions of happy Americans who voted for Mr Trump and are dancing in the streets about it?

And at the end of the Watkins article, she writes: ?The markets are in freefall ??. The markets definitely were not in free fall. They dipped a bit as they often do in these circumstances, but then they quickly picked up again and last night the Dow was not far short of its record high. So we are fed up with you making stuff up which simply isn?t true.

And on a slightly different tack, what has happened to your reporting of local sport? There is precious little of that these days, and much of what there is is very negative. Apart from the Phoenix of course, but that probably gets as much coverage as it does because of native advertising, I?m guessing. Fortunately there are a couple of excellent local websites to fill in the gaps here.

We no longer have an open fire so don?t need newspaper to light it, and my dog is house trained and no longer needs newspaper on the floor to wee on, and apart from the code cracker and death column, there is nothing we will miss and lots of money to be saved from not getting your newspaper any more. I believe I can buy a book of code crackers and I am sure my family and friends will keep me up to date with people I might know who have died.

On behalf of our company [redacted], I ask you to please permanently cancel its subscription to your newspaper with immediate effect and refund any difference in subscription paid in advance, if applicable.

Yours faithfully

[details withheld]