Dear Lizzie…


Generation Snowflake: Lizzie Marvelly

A reader writes to Lizzie Marvelly:

Dear Lizzie of the Herald.

Like you, I loved the stories of my childhood.? Your selecting Goosebumps tells us something about you and your article on the USA election, today confirms it.? However, in real life you and I don?t get to make up the ending on our own.? That is what we call a fairy tale.

You should read my favourite story.? It is about Chicken Little and her mates, Ducky Lucky and Henny Penny.? Chicken Little thought the sky was falling and set out running to tell the Lion.? As she ran she gathered up some gullible mates who all ended up in Foxy Loxy?s den never to be heard of again.

Lizzie, the sky is not falling.? Stop hanging out and running with your gullible mates.? You may not survive the fox?s den of socialist elite?s seduction, the arrogance of the academics ? all degrees of scholarship but no degrees of commonsense, the rarefied air of the closeted media who interview each other engrossed with their haughty editorialising in an unrealistic world, the conceited liberals who seek license not accountability, lusting for power and presumptuous supremacy at the expense of the heartlanders, feigning servanthood and love for the little people but requiring them to lick their boots before they walk the red carpet of self aggrandizement and showy, shallow egotism. ??

You sound like a really nice person especially when you sing but I have to say I am grossly offended by your shallow, selfish, sycophantic, attitude.? My older relatives gave their lives in the Somme, in the deserts of North Africa, on islands in the Pacific to preserve a democracy where people had the right to vote and the responsibility to accept the outcome with grace and humility.? Don?t tell me you know better than the majority.? Remove your rose-tinted glasses and learn that being a woman doesn?t make you better or any worse than anyone else and that being young doesn?t entitle you to despise others who disagree with you.

Women of integrity and character do not turn a blind eye to a philandering husband, they don?t help keep the truth of endless dalliances and mysterious disappearances of their husband?s once used and discarded sexual conquests hushed up, they don?t shelter criminals from prosecution, or misuse public funds, or commit perjury in front of the highest court of the land, deceive the voters, and call those who refuse to accept their high and mighty status ? ?deplorables?.

Women of principle and probity, worth electing to high office, do not stoop to lying and subterfuge.? There are many out there ready and waiting to be selected and elevated to positions of high responsibility.? Hillary Clinton is not one of them.

So, Lizzie, put your box of tissues away, understand that having a newspaper column to write and an anthem to sing doesn?t give you any more wisdom, perspicacity or electoral rights than Sadie, the cleaning lady.

Donald Trump may not be the ideal candidate for presidency but he got there because the majority voted for him.? They have as much right to their judgement as you do to yours.?? You are entitled to your conclusion about what Clinton may have done as much or as little as anyone else.

It is not about ?love? or ?hate?.? It is not about ?ignorance? or ?panic?.? It is not even about ?bigotry? or ?disgust?.? That is ?sky-falling? stuff.? It?s the reality that 50 odd million people made a calm, rationale decision on what they understood to be the best for themselves, their family, their community and their country.? The collective logic cannot be denied.? They were sick and tired of people like you, Lizzie, trying to tell them what to think, manipulating their life to achieve your goals and wants, ignoring their real day to day problems, using a compliant media to belittle their ideas and views.? They called it ?game over?.? ?Get out of our lives, Washington with your bloated salaries, fawning, hypocritical politicians, grease ball lobbyists, and self important column writers?.? Simply, there is more of them than there is of you.

The sky isn?t falling.? That was make believe.? The markets didn?t crash.? The sun did get up.? There are jobs to go to, lawns to mow and meals to cook.? The world goes on.? Real people continue doing real things.

Ducky Lucky and Henny Penny however have disappeared into Foxy?s lair and that is the verdict of the majority.? That part is not make believe. As they say, ?suck it up, cupcake?.