Demand for free food expected to rise. No shit

It must be a month before Christmas. ?This time of the year City Missions and the Salvation Army try to run their guilt trip on those of us who can afford a glass of wine with dinner.

The Salvation Army is launching its annual Christmas Appeal by revealing a forecast rising need for food parcels.

I have respect for the?The Salvation Army in general, but this part of their “industry” leaves me wild.

The Sallies anticipate a 5.39 per cent increase in demand for food parcels for the final quarter of 2016 and 6.23 per cent rise in the Christmas period compared to the same period a year earlier.

Based on what? ?Climate science models? ? Pure guesses?

I have no doubt there will be another increase. ?If you build it, they will come. ?Last year central Auckland had people driving up from North Waikato for a free hand-out.

They expect to provide more than 15,000 food parcels to more than 11,000 struggling families during the festive period.

And how exactly do they ascertain this threshold of “struggling”? ??

Many of them, about 4,500 in 2015, only come to the Sallies for help at Christmas time.

No shit.

“This rising need is primarily due to the demand and the pressure, the expectations, placed on people in need at this time of year,” the Sallies say.

And the bludgers know where to get it.

Look, my own mum?started a food bank at her church. ?They closed it a few years later once she worked out they were professionals. ?They would come, take the food, go around the corner and biff the stuff they couldn’t sell before?flogging off the rest.

The church started making people go to budgeting sessions and then it all dried up. ? No free food? ?What a hassle! ?Bye Bye

There is no doubt that when you give things away for free, that there will be an increase in demand. ? The problem is that there is no serious vetting process. ?Plus, it is a one-shot deal where you feed them for a week, and then that’s all.

I’m not a hard bastard. ?If people are hungry, they can have a meal. ?But the annual food free-for-all is heavily abused. ?Until that stops, no soup for them!


– NZN via Yahoo! News