Dodgy is as dodgy does, Ian Binnie donates to David Bain’s bludge-a-little campaign

The left-wing, as well as David Bain supporters and the now strangely silent Joe Karam cried a river of tears when Judith Collins rejected Judge Binnie’s shonky report.

They had good reason to have concerns over a report written by someone who read all of Joe Karam’s books before he embarked on his project. But now it appears that those concerns have been vindicated.

A donor claiming to be Ian Binnie, the retired judge appointed to review David Bain’s compensation?claim, has given a donation to Bain’s?Givealittle campaign

Justice?campaigner?Roger?Brooking set up the?Campaign for David Bain page,?raising just over $12,000.

Included in the 85 donors was $250 from a person named “Ian Binnie”.

Brooking understood?the donation to be?from the?retired Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada, who concluded Bain was innocent on the balance of probabilities of the murder of his parents, two sisters and brother in Dunedin in 1994. ?

“There is the option to make the donation anonymous, so he clearly put his name on it because he wanted people to know how strongly he felt.”

Binnie, who was paid $400,000 by the Government for his work,?was?approached for comment on whether the donation was from him.

On Friday morning, a?spokesman for his law firm said: “He has no comment on this story.”

Sounds like someone was invested in the case and now shown that with his rather cheap support. Binnie was paid more than $400,000 and the best he can do for David Bain is a measly $250?

This episode, though, shows that people were right to be concerned over Judge Binnie?s report. He had clearly has become a crusader for Bain, rather than a detached independent judge who was supposed to dispassionately review the case.


– Fairfax