Dodgy policy, dodgy sums, dodgy leader

Andrew Little

Red Claire must have drawn the short straw to attend Labour’s 100th conference. She’s certainly not happy about it, having written?three negative articles.

Andrew Little will probably label her a right-winger.

She exposes the stupidity of his youth employment policy.

Labour leader Andrew Little says a proposal to give unemployed young people six months of full-time community work at the minimum wage will not be compulsory but there will be an expectation they take part – and possible sanctions if they don’t.

Little released the policy at the party’s annual conference in Auckland, where the focus is on jobs.

Expected to cost $60 million a year, it will provide unemployed people under the age of 24 with “jobs” in the community and environment, such as pest control work or riparian planting with the Department of Conservation, local councils or charities such as City Missions and food banks.

Dubbed “Ready for Work” it will be for those who have been on the dole for at least six months – but will pay the minimum wage of $15.25 an hour rather than the dole.

Little said those on the dole for more than six months would be expected to take part.

So, basically, Labour are promising to pay people for doing what is essentially?periodic detention?

There is a problem with that policy though as arts, lifestyle and travel blogger, David Farrar, points out. It doesn’t add up.

At $15,860 per person and 10,000 participants that would be $158 million not $60 million. And this is before you even include any costs of administering the scheme which would be huge.

Labour?s credibility on economic costings remains woeful.

Even if you take account of the current benefit payments of $156 a week, that still leaves an additional cost of around $120 million a year ? before any admin costs.

Andrew Little will be facepalming. He’s banked the lot on these policies and from Robbo’s Tax to dopey employment policies,?it has fallen dead flat with media. John Key must be pissing his pants with laughter at these numpties.

Andrew Little is starting to make Colin Craig look like the consummate politician.

With three columns in a row slamming ALbour we might have to stop calling her Red Claire.


-Claire Trevett, NZ Herald