Douchiest Council of the Year award goes to: Wellington City Council

via NewstalkZB

via NewstalkZB

If you thought Auckland Council were a bad bunch, look what the voters in Wellington picked:

Wellington city councillors may be about to give themselves a pay rise, six months after their last one.

Six months? ?And how long have they been in the job since the election? ?One month?

The Council will meet tomorrow to sign off on their new pay rates and have two options to choose from.

The first, more frugal, option would result in little change in salary amounts.

The second package would mean deputy mayor Paul Eagle would get a pay rise of more than $2000, and other councillors almost $3500 more.

Mayor Justin Lester’s salary would not be affected, as mayors’ salaries are set by the Remuneration Authority.

In the real world, you actually have to do a good job and earn your pay rise before you’re given one. ?In the real world, people would like to have one every year, but that’s not something that happens. ?In the real world, people can’t give themselves a pay rise.

Congratulations Wellington ratepaters. ?You might was well turn around, bend over and lube up.

Your Council has set the expectation for the next three years.

Absolutely. ?Positively. ?F*****.