Duco?s Lonergan is picking fights he can?t win


Dean Lonergan seems to be displaying all the traits of someone who has taken too many blows to the head.

Now he is taking on a senior Councillor at Auckland Council.

The Joseph Parker heavyweight world title fight is veering into a slugfest between promoter Dean Lonergan and Olympian Dick Quax.

Quax, who won silver over 5000m at the 1976 Olympics, and Lonergan, a former rugby league second-rower, have been trading blows over ratepayer money for the on-again, off-again, on-again Joseph Parker v Any Ruiz boxing fight in Auckland.

The latest round has seen Quax – an Auckland councillor these days – welcoming the prospect of sky high pay-per-view prices of between $70 and $100 as the “market price, not a price subsidised by the Auckland ratepayers”.

“That’s a problem?”, said the pro-market and Act Party member.

Spot on Dick, don’t let Lonergan get away with his corporate bludging.

Quax was hitting back after Lonergan, Duco’s head promoter of the fight, let rip at the councillor questioning the financial benefits of the fight and saying he did not think many people, after the famous Rumble in the Jungle fight between Mohammad Ali and George Foreman, visited Zaire.

“Firstly, I’m astounded that he?compares Auckland city to Kinshasa (capital of Zaire), which was under the rule of a dictator at the time, and secondly I’m assuming Mr Quax has never heard of that little tourist town called Las Vegas, which is without doubt one of the meccas of the tourist world on the west coast of the USA.

“Just in case he needs clarification, it’s in the state of Nevada, where boxing has been a staple of their tourism policy for 25-plus years, and boxing promoters, unlike a lot of organisations, control the TV content and distribution.

“What that means Mr Quax, is that you get to insert exactly the message you want into the content-time of the programme, which is by far and away the most valuable time, broadcasting the values and messages of the chosen subject, which in this case would have been Auckland,” Lonergan said.

What a tool Lonergan is. People go to Las Vegas to…oh wait…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Suffice to say it isn’t staying on to take in the sights after the boxing.

They say that repeated head knocks in contact sports show up much later in life. Perhaps that explains the irrationality of Lonergan’s little tirade.


– NZ Herald