Duff vs Tamaki

Cripes, I don’t want to use an entire column on Brian Tamaki. I met him once and found him a pleasant guy, kind of normal, quite handsome.

His wife, Hannah, was friendly too; just we both knew we had nothing to talk about. I don’t believe there is a God. But I respect those who do – just. Given the irrefutable scientific evidence.

But for Tamaki to blame the Christchurch and now Kaikoura and Wellington earthquakes on humankind for their “iniquities”? To say that Abel’s blood comes welling up in the form of an earthquake as God’s punishment for gays, murderers, whatever?

Mr Tamaki, scientists now think there could be as many as – get this: two trillion galaxies. That’s our 400 billion star Milky Way times two trillion. The God that made all this is so furious at gays he caused a massive earthquake? Are you friggin’ mad?

Out there in the 90 billion Light Year wide Universe are countless trillions collisions and explosions of heavenly bodies mega-times bigger than our planet Earth.

Destroyed, deconstructed in each and every cataclysmic event our entire solar system’s mass many times over. This has gone on for, oh, about 13.7 billion years and will continue for billions more years. God didn’t make this. And He doesn’t hate gays.

Why do religions put so much emphasis on human sexual behaviour? Jesus’ mother a virgin. Masturbating a sin. Seventy-two virgins promised to Islamic suicide bombers. (We’re yet to be told what awaits female suicide bombers. The mind boggles.) And Mr Tamaki blaming earthquakes on moral, sexual sin.

What a disgraceful insult to all the people hurting in Kaikoura. What does Mr Tamaki’s God say about those who worship at the altar of materialism? What does the taxpayer nation think of Destiny Church having tax-free charity status? What of its flock whose tithes fund the church?

The last thing Kaikoura needs is someone blaming human sin for the earthquake.

The same ranting man said Christchurch was the centre of the gay and civil union movement, that the double-earthquakes were predictable, hence God punishing the city.

Words Christchurch citizens need most when laid out flat and scores are dead.

Lowlife scum are emerging claiming to be quake damage inspectors and burgling homes.

Mr Tamaki came out with his black-magic God and Bible-conspiracy theories, all whilst people are only days into coming to terms with this life-altering event.

Well. ?The solution is simple.

If?men would just stop sticking it up each other’s bums, New Zealand would no longer have any plate tectonic-driven volcanoes, earth quakes, tsunamis and geothermal areas.

Might be a bit tough on tourism in Rotorua, but that’s the price we will have to pay to return New Zealand to the paradise it can so clearly be.


– Alan Duff