E Tu Union happy that Solid Energy will be kept in the family

15 Nelson Mail 23 February 2013 Solid Energy

15 Nelson Mail 23 February 2013 Solid Energy

The Labour Party is not happy about the sale of Solid Energy.

The liquidation of Solid Energy is a sad indictment of Government incompetence, which has destroyed the once valuable company…

-Labour Party Press release

The New Zealand First Party is happy on the one hand but not so happy on the other.

The sale of Solid Energy coal mines to a consortium and two private companies shows the government was wrong to sell the state coal miner…

?It?s heartening that New Zealand interests have bought some of the mines…

-New Zealand First Party Press release

Mining company Solid Energy are happy with the deal.

…”It took some time, but this is a very positive outcome for the (Solid) board, staff and creditors. With key mining assets sold as going concerns, SENZ anticipates a good majority of the jobs will transfer to the new owners,”…



The E Tu Union does not share either Labour’s or New Zealand First’s attitude towards the sale. In fact, they are very positive about it and can see the benefits for New Zealand workers.

E t? has welcomed the sale of Solid Energy?s assets, saying it?s good news for jobs and as good an outcome as could be expected.

E t??s Director of Industries, Ged O?Connell says…the mines appear to have been salvaged and the assets will soon be in the hands of New Zealand-owned operators.

?It means jobs for our members and some pay-back for creditors, so that?s good?, he says.

?It will also mean income flowing through local communities so it?s positive news all round?.

Ged says of the three operators which will buy the mines; ?We?re confident they are well-established businesses and they know the industry.

…?It?s very positive news that obviously the bigger mines, and some of the smaller ones are going to go into new ownership and are going to continue.

?It?s a positive move forward compared with what the membership has had to deal with over the last few years.

?There?s more security so that?s good for them?, says Garth.

-E Tu Press release