We are all enemies of Islam “including those who call themselves Muslims”

On Stuff Dr Sahib was quoted as saying that he does not…

… “hate any human being regardless of their faith,?place of origin, race, colour and political affiliation”.

“Sadly and falsely, I have been accused of giving hate speeches and being anti-Semitic,” he said.

“I have always preached for peace and harmony in the society.”

He claims the “cut and paste” video that surfaced on YouTube was taken out of context.


His above words are in stark contrast to what he said on this video, the third one in my series on context.

You can read part one here?and part two here.

After viewing the third video of Dr Sahib for the context of his hateful words about Jews I came across something we had missed. It was a statement that completely contradicts what he said on Stuff and is a wake up call to every New Zealander, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and non-religious alike that Dr Sahib’s brand of Islam (Wahhabism ) is a threat to us all. In this video he preaches that all of us are the enemies of Islam.

“If we see those who are the enemies of Islam, they are basically everybody, including many who call themselves Muslims. Including many who call themselves Muslims.”

He then speaks of the hatred of the enemies of Islam and says that they (the enemies) are looking for any opportunity to destroy them.

“They do not declare openly?that they want to fight Muslims or (that) they want to destroy and kill you. They come under different agendas and different names, there are too many.”

Dr Sahib is preaching to his followers at the At-Taqwa mosque that we New Zealanders are their enemies and that we all have hate in our hearts for them. These are not the words of a man who promotes peace. He is not saying that we have different belief systems that he disagrees with. He is saying that ” basically everybody, including many who call themselves Muslims” are the enemies of every Muslim who follows the Islam that is taught at At-Taqwa Mosque.

There are many different types of Christianity here in New Zealand. We have large Christian religions like Catholics, Protestants, Presbyterians , 7th Day Adventists, The Salvation Army and Anglicans as well as?smaller churches that are not affiliated with a larger worldwide community. One thing that all of these Christian groups have in common is that while they may not all agree with what another group is teaching, none of them considers the other Christians to be enemies. We have a healthy religious culture here in New Zealand where we?live and let live. Where we agree to disagree. Even those who do not believe in God are not considered enemies by Christians. Dr Sahib is preaching the opposite of this. He is not about peace at all. How can you promote peace when you label everyone in the country you live in your enemy?

“If you know how much they hate us you would never have a single moment in your life when you would rest but you would be fully awake finding out ways to defend and protect the honour which Allah has given you and there is no other better honour than the honour of Islam which Allah has given you ( quote in Arabic ) made it very clear when he said ( quote in Arabic ) that you will see that those who are the most ???(deviant)?? enemies of Muslims are those who call themselves Jews and who are Pagans.

Now for a person to be a Jew it does not mean that he has a ??? a driving liscence, a passport in which he has written that he is a Jew and for a person to be a ???( Indian word ) he does not need to be born in India…..you can be anywhere you could be calling yourself any name…”

The above quote makes it very clear that Dr Sahib is not just quoting Jew hatred from the Koran or the Hadith. He is using modern terminology. He is saying how hard it is to identify Jews in modern times. Dr Shaib goes on to talk about how difficult is can be to recognise the enemy and talks about agendas and how you wouldn’t know what the person was. He said it was important to protect themselves from “these people.” He then used a story about a battle from the past that happened in in Medina to illustrate his point.

He says that because of what happened in the historical story that the enemies of Islam today are still out to destroy Muslims both openly and in hidden ways. He says that you are not meant to just relate the historical words from the story to that time. He actually states that they should relate them to modern times. He said that what happened ( 14 hundred years ago ) can happen again multiple times and is still being repeated today.

So to sum up Dr Sahib either lied to Stuff or he lied to his listeners. You cannot say you have no hate in your heart for any human being regardless of race or religion while preaching that basically everybody, including many who call themselves Muslims” are the enemies of Islam and that “they want to destroy and killMuslims. You cannot say that you are not anti-Semitic when you preach that “the most ???(deviant)?? enemies of Muslims are those who call themselves Jews” and when you preach about how hard it is in modern times to identify Jews because it isn’t written on their identification papers like passports and drivers licences.

Perhaps Dr Sahib would like all we ” enemies of Islam ” to wear a little yellow star to make it easier for him and his followers to “to defend and protect the honour which Allah has given” them?

The phrases I have directly quoted can be found in the video between 31:50 and 34:51 but do watch the entire video in order to confirm that my summary of what he said is accurate.

I do not want to kill or destroy anybody but I am openly critical of the kind of Islam that Dr Sahib preaches at At-Taqwa Mosque. I love New Zealand and I will expose?al-Taqiyya?on this blog whenever I can because New Zealanders of every race and religion including Muslims from other sects deserve to know the truth.