Face of the Day


The Cannabis Party announced today that it is entering the Mt Roskill by-election race.

Brandon Stronge will represent the party, in its 10th consecutive by-election.

Mr Stronge said was “honoured and proud” to to stand for the Cannabis Party in the seat made vacant by Phil Goff.

“Legalising the recreational use of cannabis would put an end to a massive black market that currently funds organised crime, which if legalised could be taxed and the funding used for valuable things in our society such as schools and public education,” he said.

“I firmly believe as well as being used medicinally, that cannabis should be sold recreationally. It is far safer and less harmful than already legal drugs people use regularly today, such as alcohol and cigarettes.”

Mr Stronge said he had “personally witnessed the medicinal powers of the cannabis plant”.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooof course he did.

In the end, this is a distraction. ?Please let the grown-ups do the marijuana-as-a-medicine debate. ?By the time you add total legalisation, you scare the horses and nobody gets any benefits unless they choose to become criminals.