Face of the Day


Who else, as Face of the Day today, other than Mr Gareth Morgan?

It is actually way too easy to take pot shots at this man. ?He’s provided us with enough?material over the years, and it would be no problem to bring it all back.

The political Left are already upset of course. ?They see him as splitting the left vote even further. ?And the previous Red Peak flag Social Justice Bullies have hit their straps because the party logo is too similar to Red Peak for their liking.

Morgan is the last in a line of white rich men trying to improve the world for themselves?others. ?He follows Kim Dotcom and Colin Craig.

From my perspective, Mr Morgan is fake. ?When he said he’d chip in money to buy that strip of sand in Abel Tasman National Park, he said he would only close the fund raising gap if he got exclusive use of it. ?That is, the public would have coughed up $1.6m, and Gareth $0.6m. ? That doesn’t sound very generous at all, and the people behind the fundraiser told the opportunistic bugger to … off.

But before we get too giddy that the 2017 election has a new Joke Party, let’s see what his policies are. ?If any of them are likely to affect the National vote, Curia will tell John Key. ?And John Key will simply roll out a watered down version.

If the policies are primarily eroding Green, NZ First and Labour support, you’ll find that things will get quite nasty.

If Mr Morgan thinks he’s already in the public eye, he should go have a chat with Dotcom and Craig and prepare himself for the kind of scrutiny he will face once political operators, spin doctors, bloggers and media party columnists crawl up his life with a digger, a container of microscopes?and a 2 billion candle search light.