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When will they rename Mediaworks to Duncan Garner Land?

After the multi-week hit job by NZME, the rumour is that Paul Henry is done pretending he likes doing media bunkers and nine in ten with complete morons and may be on the way out.

You may even conclude he’s been self-sabotaging somewhat as boredom set in. ?I, for one, can recognise the behaviour.

But Mediaworks really need to do better than Garner. ?He’s totally over-exposed.

Sadly, after Henry, he’s the only man with any public traction they have left.

Even though I like Paul Henry’s general approach, he was severely restricted by a very dumbed-down format. ?Paul wasn’t enough for me to endure the crap show. ?I have no idea how Paul could sit through set pieces with Don Brash and Pebbles Hooper. ? The jokes about Don being a Kiwifruit farmer faded a long time ago. ?As for Pebbles…

Replacing Paul?with Duncan will just make the show even worse.

Here’s a project. ?Listen to the first 5 minutes of Duncan’s radio show for a week. ?Just 5 minutes, not a second more. ?See if you notice something.

Transfer that to breakfast TV/Radio, and I can assure you that Mediaworks will lose the very last thing that actually rated reasonably well.

The whole of the media is trying to eject all the center right to right voices. ?And they keep losing audience share. ?Then they replace these people with more left leaning voices, and they keep losing even more audience share.

The light just refuses to go on.


– NZ Herald