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Our foe Lisa Owen is having an interesting program for you this weekend, but I can’t recommend you watch it.

Basically, she’s going to interview the media about the US Election.

This weekend on The Nation…

America decided, and now the world asks what’s next?

Lisa Owen and Patrick Gower break down a stunning and divisive election result with local experts straight from Washington D.C.

Trying to pick through the ashes of a burnt down wreck, the show’s host and another show host talk to “local experts” in Washinton D.C. ?Journalists interviewing journalists. ?Experts that were all wrong. ? But wait…. ?

Never Trumper and Washington Examiner managing editor Philip Klein talks about what happens next within the GOP, and will Republicans who denounced Donald Trump during the campaign change their tune?

Then they ?interview another… media person. ?Another one that got it wrong. ??Journalists interviewing journalists. ? ?But wait….

Did Hillary Clinton lose because she’s a woman? And will that glass ceiling ever be shattered? Lisa Owen speaks with The Atlantic’s contributing editor Michelle Cottle.

I think that one has been put to bed already, however, Lisa Owen will interview a……..nother journalist. ?Journalists interviewing journalists. ? ?But wait….

We’ll discuss all this and more with our panel: The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Hadas Gold from Politico.

A journalist. ?And a journalist. ?Journalists interviewing journalists.

All the New Zealand journalists, including Paddy Gower, were at Hilary’s place, while not sending a single journo to Trump’s. ?Yes, I know Trump would have been less accommodating, but as a media as a whole, there clearly wasn’t any attempt at balance.

And so, having learned from all these mistakes (ha!), we have a program wall to wall stacked with people who were biased, wrong, and still have no idea that they weren’t observers, they weren’t reporters but they actually helped Trump get elected with their over-the-top poisonous rhetoric.

The only thing that makes sense is that they all congregate on The Nation with Lisa Owen – New Zealand’s foremost “gotcha” gal.

Katie Bradford NZ

Katie Bradford