FIANZ a simple question deserves a simple answer

Whaleoil reader SeanusAurelius made a great comment the other day when he wrote..

…I thought this interview with the head of FIANZ was much more telling than the original statement (as its the head of FIANZ)
Q: “Are women chattels who can’t go outside without their husbands’ permission?”

A: “…There’s no simple yes or no answer.”

Live interviews like this are very good at revealing things that can easily be scripted out of a formal press release with the guidance of a professional spin doctor. As many of you may not yet have listened to the Radio Live interview I have taken the time to make a partial transcript of what was said.

NOTE: If I could not make out a word I have written ???

Q: Can you tell us how Dr Sahib’s comments were taken out of context?

A: Ahh first of all before I clarify that or before I talk about that, I would like to clarify an error that is ah been ahh broadcast by so many media outlets that Dr Anwar is the secretary of FIANZ as a matter of fact Dr Anwar is not the secretary of FIANZ Dr Anwar is the secretary of one FIANZ committee which means?

Q: What is the committee?

A: It is a committee that does a certain function for the federation.

Q: Does it set policy?

A: PAUSE ?No it doesn?t. No it doesn?t.

Q: Okay. So you can understand why I ask that question though can?t you?

A: In the meanwhile ahh ?the honorable minister made a mistake yesterday but I don?t know the source of this ?information we are in the process of clarifying this ahh for the honorable minister and for the wider NZ public that Dr Anwar is not the secretary of FIANZ and he doesn?t hold an executive position within it.

Q: Can you tell us where he has been misquoted or misrepresented or taken out of context?

A You probably should ask him that question but maybe he feels that he has been misquoted because what we actually see in that video is a collection of pieces of I don?t know, 4 or 5 sermons which have been cut and pasted together. Any listener who has actually seen this video can actually tell it is not one long continuous sermon from the beginning to the end.

Q That doesn?t necessarily change the intent of the remarks he made, though. What do you think of the remarks? about Jews and about women?

A: Well I will start with the later one. When it comes to women aah I fully believe that The Islamic Women?s council of NZ has made it very very clear where we stand on and the way FIANZ promotes the treatment of women.

Q: Could you refresh our memory then?

A Well it has.. .I think our spokeswomen have made more than one ahh interview only today let alone talk about the press releases that?s why a brother, for you to speak to a spokeswoman rather than talking to a ???? man.

Q:Can you tell us what they said?

A: From them, that is what I would say

Q:Let me ask you are women the chattels of their men and are they prevented from free movement without their husband?s permission?


Q: Hello. Did you get that question?

A: No I didn?t I am sorry

Q: Okay, in your viewpoint and the viewpoint of the council are women the chattels of men and are they prevented from free movement without their husband?s permission?

A: That aah is that part of ahh the relationship between men and women in Islam is much much bigger than this, you are just trying to aah you know summarise the whole thing in one sentence.

Q: No I?m just asking you a question ?prompted by the comments made by Dr Sahib which is that no woman should dare step out of her house without the permission of her husband.

A: The relationship between a husband and wife in Islam is based on mutual respect and mutual aah affection and it is fair that the husband and wife should talk to each other before they make any movements or before they make any decisions , sorry I should say, whether that decision is, could be a movement or could be a purchase or could be anything.

Q: That is a very different situation than the one Dr Sahib suggested that no woman can DARE, these are his words, DARE step out of her house without the PERMISSION of her husband. That is not a conversation ,aah ..that?s permission, that is a very different thing.

So yes or no? What is the answer to that?

A: There is no yes or no answer to this question. The answer is the relationship between husband and wife Islamically is based on mutual respect and mutual affection.

Q: Right. Okay that?s great, in that case, you would be condemning the doctor for what he said? And the language he used particularly.

A: Aaah the language that he?s used aaah could be aaah could be a little bit aggressive aaah but certainly I am a married man and me and my wife talk about everything we want to do together before we do it and that is Islam in the most simplest form.

Q: Okay tell us what you THINK of what Dr Sahib said? What do you think?

A: It is a bit aggressive

Q: Is your wife allowed to step outside the house without your permission?

A: She steps outside of the house every single day.

Q Without your permission?

A: With my permission.

Q: Oh with your permission? What if she did it without your permission?

A: But she doesn?t ASK for my permission.

Q: Let?s move on to his comments about the Jewish nation?He referred to them as the enemies of Muslims…Are Muslims and Jews enemies?

A Well ah before..I really cannot?I still haven?t had the real chance to see the whole video, the whole what he has written about Jews. So I will get you to talk to him about that.

Q: I am asking you. I hope I get the opportunity to ask him but I am asking you. In the Muslim faith are Muslims and Jews enemies?

A: aaah the relationship between Muslims and Jews aah is more than 14 hundred years and it?s not aah easy for me to describe it in a few words over a radio interview but you see the reason why I agreed to this interview is to make clear FIANZ?s position on hate speech. Now whether what Dr Anwar has said was hate speech or not this is something to be decided by authorities not by ??? Hate speech, FIANZ condemns unreservedly condemns and rejects all forms of hate speech. Whether it was from Dr Anwar or from anybody else.

Q; Okay, with the greatest of respect? how can you say that FIANZ condemns all forms of hate speech if you are unable to say whether Dr Sahib?s comments are hate speech or not?

A: Well because I haven?t studied his.. we are addressing this as we speak.. it came to the surface two days ago and ever since I have been, my time has been heavily consumed by this which really did not give me enough time to really look into what the man has said.

?.. FIANZ has issued a press release which will be with you in the next ten minutes I hope

?.we represent the moderate views of Islam

-partial transcript of Radio Live interview by Spanishbride

Since this interview was broadcast Dr Sahib has been removed from his role as secretary of the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ?s religious advisory board. He remains in charge of the At-Taqwa Mosque in Auckland.