Fran O’ gets it

It is comforting to see at least some of the battle scarred, dusty and grey haired journos are able to see through the hype.

Get a grip out there. There is a distinct possibility that – however distasteful and ethically challenged Donald Trump appears – his presidency may turn out to be good for business.

It was inevitable that a Trump victory would send “the markets” into kneejerk-style turmoil. They had priced in a Clinton victory.

So, too, most influential news media, the global punditry and a swag of international political leaders.

No one from the Fortune Top 100 companies stumped up a donation to his presidential campaign.

Financial backers like Xero investor Peter Thiel – a Facebook board member and Paypal co-founder – were reviled by Silicon Valley.

But yesterday the headlines blared “Dow rips to all time high as investors embrace Trump presidency.” How is it that this global calamity has evaporated in less than 36 hours? And is there a strong chance that Trump’s bark will be less that his bite?

The answer is that self-interest has kicked in: it’s in no-one’s interest, least of all Trump’s, for the US to go into a political death spiral.

It’s like trusting your life to a pilot. ?As long as you assume that she loves her?family and wants to be back for dinner, you’re going to be just fine putting your life in her hands.

As for Trump’s America, not all change will suit us, while some of it will. ?These are called market conditions. ?And just like the stock market, we figure it in, and we adjust.

Can the left just stop running around in circles assuming this is the end of civilisation as they were hoping to achieve it?

And you know what? ?We’ll still see gay marriage. ?And you can pick any damn toilet you think fits your plumbing and self identity. ? But there are bigger picture jobs to be done. ? And some ambitious dreaming. ?The kind that put men on the moon.

Let’s support Mr Trump. ?We will all benefit if he manages to Make America Great Again.


– Fran O’Sullivan, NZ Herald