Gareth Morgan fails on evidence

Gareth Morgan shows his political naivety in his recent email?to people signed up for his spam.

He keeps going on about evidence:

3. Stick to the Evidence
If you disagree with someone, it might be because you don?t think their idea will work. If that is the case, tell them why. Cite the evidence if you can; that is the great thing about the internet, this stuff is so easy to find.

Yet appears not to have seen the evidence in front of his eyes.

At the end of the day, everyone is equal; one person one vote. The Opportunities Party only needs 100,000 votes to make it into Parliament. We don?t need to convince the whole country.

Well Gareth, good luck at getting into parliament on 100,000 votes. 100,000 votes has never been enough to get into parliament under MMP. ?

Election Year Total Votes 5%
2014 2,416,479 120,824
2011 2,257,336 112,867
2008 2,356,536 117,827
2005 2,286,190 114,310
2002 2,040,248 102,012
1999 2,065,494 103,275
1996 2,072,359 ?103,618

This highlights how The Opportunities Party is sadly lacking anyone with the most basic political knowledge. Any campaigner worth their salt knows that 100,000 will not pass the 5% threshold to get into parliament, ever.

This kind of small mistake is the exactly why Auckland Future failed. They couldn?t get the basics right, let alone the important stuff.

Gareth Morgan needs to stop thinking he is a campaign genius, stop using his non-political foundation members, and get a top-notch campaigner who isn?t afraid to tell him to stop being dopey and start getting things right.

The key problem then will be to find such a campaigner who doesn’t have a ‘No Dickheads Rule’.