Gareth Morgan launches new party, and we ask some serious questions

Gareth Morgan has launched a new party.

He has talked about this before, and I blogged about it back in 2014.

I asked a series of questions back then, which remain unanswered.

So, I’ll ask them again before we delve too much further into this escapade.

I?ve had some additional thoughts about this.?

Is Gareth as stupid as Colin Craig and?Kim?Dotcom?

Will he actually piss away millions of his own money on his fantasy?

Does he realise no new party has got into parliament without a sitting MP since 1996?

Where is he going to get his candidates from?

Will he stand himself?

I?m picking the answer to all of those is a big No.

Morgan spoke to NBR and none of those questions were answered, presumably because their reporter was too stupid to ask them.

Gareth Morgan decided to launch a political party while on the road to Damascus, he tells NBR Radio?s Grant Walker.

?That?s where we were heading at the time and we got turned back at the border because they?d rocketed that aid convoy. I was doing stuff with the UN and we were told we couldn?t go there, so I ended up on the border of Lebanon.

?It was pretty weird.?

He says over his career it?s often been suggested to him to take a tilt at politics.

?But I?ve never really enjoyed the prospect of joining a party ? you know, ?Oh, god, I can think of nothing worse.? But here I was up ?here doing this aid stuff ? and I thought, ?Doing politics in New Zealand is easy compared to this ? so I opted for the easy path.?

Not really promising that statement. He is taking the easy road? Sounds like a lightweight journeyman to me.


I suspect that this is nothing more than a cult party and until those questions are seriously answered then I will maintain that position. The only real way he is going to get into parliament is for some disillusioned MPs to jump ship and for them to retain their seats. That happens rarely. The only other way is to find 5% or over 120,000 votes.

He should give Jim, Hone, Colin, Rodney, Kim, David, and Don a call to find out just how hard that is.

Other than that, as with everything Gareth Morgan does, the effort to form a political party is likely to end at the blog post and press release.