Gays, murderers and sinners cause earthquakes


Destiny Church’s Brian Tamaki has blamed earthquakes on gays, sinners, and murderers.

But an Auckland vicar says Tamaki’s sermon is “completely illogical,” and compared it to blaming sin for child cancer.

Quoting the Old Testament on Sunday, the day before a massive 7.5 earthquake struck the country killing two and leaving thousands stranded, with limited food, water, shelter and communication, Tamaki told churchgoers the earth “convulses under the weight of certain human sin.”

He also blamed a gay priest and the people of Christchurch for the devastating earthquakes that hit Canterbury in 2010 and 2011 which killed 185 people.

“The land actually speaks to God. Out of the soil … Abel’s blood spoke to God from a murder. The earth can speak. Leviticus says that the earth convulses under the weight of certain human sin.

“It spews itself up after a while – that’s natural disasters. Because nature was never created to carry the bondage of our inequity,” Tamaki said.

Bondage of inequity? ? Dumb Herald journos can’t even transcribe properly. ?It’s Iniquity.

That aside, it’s good to know that we can now disband GNS and Civil Defence. ?All we need to do is kill all gays, murderers and sinners.

Not sure why murderers and gays are to be mentioned apart from sinners, but then I’m not the guy taking direct instructions from God like Brian is.

A Destiny Church spokeswoman said “In view of the terrifying events that have impacted the cities and families of New Zealand over the last few days, our heartfelt condolences go out to the victims affected by the earthquakes and floods over this last week.”

Except for any gays or sinners. ?Gays and sinners in Ward, Kaikoura, Hanmer and Culverden can just all do us a favour and kill themselves so these earthquakes stop. ? Selfish pricks.


– Susan Strongman, NZ Herald