Gender Identity Disorder and Anorexia are both mental illnesses related to body image

A person with Anorexia does not view their body as fat no matter what the reality is because it is a mental illness

A person with Anorexia does not view their body as fat no matter what the reality is because it is a mental illness

Our society recognises that Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness. We treat sufferers with compassion and we try to help them to gain weight and to see their body through realistic eyes. We don’t tell them that they are fat and are right to starve themselves. We don’t say that that they if they identify with being fat that we will accept their delusion. We don’t tell people that they should be accepting of anorexics’?belief that they are fat. We don’t tolerate Anorexics doing themselves harm by starving themselves. No, we tell them that they are emaciated and we help them.

When it ?comes to those with gender identity disorder society is not so compassionate. In 2013 the term gender identity disorder (which indicates that something is wrong) ?was changed to gender dysphoria which made it a ?condition rather than a disorder. ?This name change reflected society’s new attitude towards transsexuals and transgenders. Instead of viewing them as people with a mental illness that affected how they viewed their bodies they ?were now supported in their delusion. Society now was telling them that with or without body mutilation surgery they were in fact, the gender they believed themselves to be.


What kind of a sick society, on the one hand, helps a woman who suffers from the body image delusion that she is fat by insisting that she eats but tells a man who suffers from the body image delusion that he is a woman that he can cut off his penis with its blessing? What kind of a deluded society recognises, on the one hand, that an emaciated woman who thinks she is fat is still an emaciated woman but accepts that a man who thinks he is a woman is a woman if he dresses like one?

…we must not tailor our cultural norms to the whims of the mentally ill.

We do not require Americans to speak french to mental patients who believe they are Napoleon Bonaparte. We also don?t change that poor soul?s birth certificate to say he was born in France centuries ago.

…Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder. When detected, the sufferer will receive counseling and other mental health treatment to stop their destructive behaviors and learn to recover both mentally and physically.

Many sufferers of Anorexia end up leading normal and productive lives, and even maintain a healthy weight.

Now imagine if Anorexia was on the LGBT spectrum.

How would treatment differ? The Anorexia would not be called a mental disorder, but something else, something non-offensive, maybe a condition.

It would be encouraged by parents and mental healthcare providers. The trans-eating would be praised for their strength and encouraged not to eat. They might even get surgery to remove some ribs to be even thinner.

It?s sick and disgusting, but that largely describes how gender dysphoria, formerly known as gender identity disorder, is treated today.

…Some are still brave enough to say the truth, for example Dr. Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, who has said that transgenderism is a ?mental disorder? that merits treatment, that sex change is ?biologically impossible,? and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are ?collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.?

…Dr. McHugh and colleagues pioneered gender identity disorder studies in the 60?s. They found no good reason to cut off healthy body parts.

In short, and this is the concept the entire left and LGBT spectrum rejects: reality DOES NOT and CAN NOT conform to delusion.

…Trannies suffer from an astronomically high suicide rate after having their genitals mutilated.

…One study in Sweden, which ran for 30 years, found the suicide rate of post-op trannies is 20 times higher than the normal population. Is that not the definition of medical malpractice? When a doctor?s operation leaves the patient 20 times more likely to die?

…Our medical establishment has taken one of the most vulnerable groups ? certainly the most likely to kill themselves ? and declared the way to treat their mental illness is to pump them full of estrogen, cut up their genitals, and make everyone call them a woman.

And the LGBT lobby and their friends in the media…are complicit in this self-mutilation and denial of reality.

These are terribly broken people. They are some of the most damaged amongst us…they need therapy, treatment, and to learn to live with the gender they are.

In my opinion, in future times we are very likely to look back at gender reassignment surgery with abject horror. We will wonder how the people of the time…were able to justify butchering the bodies of mental patients to play along with their cruel delusions.


It will rank up there with electro-shock therapy to cure homosexuality as a barbaric practical with zero efficacy.

At some point children of both real genders will read about doctors who treated mental illness by surgically building their patients a vagina out of their penis?. A vagina that has to be blocked open for six months lest it heal over. Does that sound like medical treatment or barbaric medieval torture?


Medevial torture device: The Pear of Anguish. It was most commonly used on women, liars, blasphemers, and homosexuals.

…My words don?t hurt anyone. But subjecting children to hormone therapy and mutilating their genitals does.

To anyone listening who is questioning their gender or is a pre-op transexual, please think carefully before you continue down a path that will only end in misery. I pray that you find the help you need, and it is the RIGHT help, the therapy and assistance of a mental health professional so that you can properly deal with the gender disorder you possess.