Generation Snowflake are in denial about Trump


There are no safe spaces in the real world and Generation Snowflake has just found out that people can and do vote differently from them.

In a college bar in the centre of town, students from the DC College Democrats gathered en masse to watch the US election results come in over beer and burgers.

With TV screens surrounding the bar’s walls, and the sound on high, it was impossible to escape the electric energy that filled the room. As early electoral counts arrived indicating Clinton victories, the bar roared in celebration. With every state Trump won, the sound of boos was overwhelming. ??

As the night progressed, however, the mood grew increasingly sombre as projections increasingly suggested a Trump victory was becoming a possibility. The fate of the battleground state of Florida, which ultimately fell to Trump, attracted particular attention, as the Republican surged through an early Clinton lead.

Results continued to flood in and when it was clear that Donald J Trump would be the US’ 45th president – the young crowd was silent.

“I’m in shock,” said 19-year-old student Katy Turner. “I was calm all day. I spent the weekend campaigning in Pennsylvania and I was sure [Clinton] had it in the bag.”

Colleen Reynolds, 21, a student, felt unnerved at the prospect of a Trump presidency: “Shock and fear are the emotions I feel. No one knows what [Trump’s] policies are, I don’t think even he knows what his policies are, but really my greatest fear is not about the policies he might pass, it’s about how divisive he is.”

Turner agreed: “He validates so much bigotry in this country, he validates hateful behaviour all across America.”

Reynolds was determined to look to the future and what was still possible. “I’m nervous, but everyone in this room is going to have to wake up tomorrow morning and think how are we going to make the best of this situation,” she said.

Boohoo. Dry your eyes snowflakes…ain’t democracy a bitch?


– Al Jazeera