Get ready for legislated Safe Spaces in business


Oh please… please no…

Almost half of New Zealand businesses don’t have a policy in place to deal with workplace bullying and harassment, a survey shows.

Just 56 per cent of businesses have a formal process for handling complaints, according to the latest New Zealand Diversity Survey.

Another 20 per cent have some sort of initiative to address the issue.


[Diversity Works New Zealand chief executive Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie] says conflict at work is inevitable but if it escalates into bullying, harassment or violence, it can have serious impacts.

“Apart from the personal cost for individuals, it also comes with a huge cost for the business because the fall-out is higher stress levels and lower productivity, and higher absenteeism and turnover,” she said.

She said all organisations, including small businesses, had a responsibility to put policies in place to protect managers and staff.

Oh, I have a policy. ?”Don’t be a dick”.

How did we ever get through the last 50 years without a bullying policy? ?Oh wait! ?People simply quit their jobs and started work for a company that wasn’t a cesspit.

If friction at work results in bullying, harassment or violence, there are already plenty of workplace practices, not to mention legislation, in place to deal with this. ? Some people at work -in life!- are arseholes. ?That’s nothing new.

Having a safe space at work will be a natural progression for Generation Snowflake. ?They had this available growing up. ?They aren’t ready for the reality of the real world. ?So instead of building life skills to deal with bullies, as we’ve all had to do, they believe that a safe space and more “rules” will fix the problem.


– NZN via Yahoo! News