Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses? but no Clinton voters


Do we really want people who flee their country when a democratic vote doesn’t go their way?

We especially don’t want members of F.A.G. coming here.

More than 56,300 people visited the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website in the 24 hour period that saw Donald Trump elected president of the US.

The number represents an increase of almost 2,500 per cent on the average daily amount.

The INZ website usually receives an average of 2,300 visits a day.

“In the same 24-hour period the New Zealand Now website – which contains information about living, working, studying and investing in New Zealand – received 70,500 visits from the United States compared to a usual daily average of 1500 visits,” a spokesperson said, quoted by Radio NZ. ??

“INZ typically receives about 3000 registrations each month via the New Zealand Now website from US nationals interested in studying, working or investing. In the past 24 hours, 7287 registrations have been received from American citizens.”

At the same time, a Google search for “move to New Zealand” began trending on the search engine, as Americans explored their possibilities.

Other trending queries related to the topic also included “Places to move if Trump wins,” and “New Zealand real estate”, according to developer James Macfie.

What a bunch of pansies.

In the US there is much mocking of the celebrity luvvies who declared they’d abandon the US if Trump won.


Some wag even set up the domain name and redirected to the rules covering the importation of breeding cattle from the US to Canada.


– Yahoo!, The American Mirror