How about that global warming thing eh?

Japan is experiencing fallen snow on the ground earlier than ever before.

Tokyo residents have woken up to the first November snowfall in more than 50 years.

The Japan Meteorological Agency also said it was the first time fallen snow on the ground had been observed in November since such records started to be made in 1875.

An unusually cold air mass brought wet snow to Japan?s capital on Thursday. Above-freezing temperatures kept the snow from sticking in most places, though it did accumulate on sidewalks and cars in Tokyo?s far western suburbs.

Meteorologists forecast up to 2cm would fall, and more in the mountains north-west of Tokyo. ?

The snow caused minor train delays during the morning commute.

The last time it snowed in central Tokyo in November was 1962. Until Thursday?s fall, the earliest snow on the ground in the winter season had been on on 6 December 1987, according to the JMA.

The agency monitors various esoteric weather indicators such as announcing when cherry blossoms have started to bloom by observing a certain tree. The benchmark sakura tree for Tokyo grows in the Yasukuni shrine, which has drawn controversy because it honours all Japanese soldiers who died in war, including war criminals.

I thought we were never going to see snow again? What about the catastrophic warming?

In a few years time when winter is harsh again, I wonder if the warmists will flip flop and tell us we have to start emitting carbon again to try to warm the planet up?


– The Guardian