More good news: Unemployment under 5%, wages up, labour force bigger

via Twitter

via Twitter

New Zealand’s unemployment rate fell below 5% for the first time since December 2008 as employers took on more staff than expected, although that didn’t spur wages to rise at a faster pace.

Awesome news. ?

There were 3,000 fewer people unemployed than in the previous quarter and 10,000 fewer over the year.

“The number of people employed in New Zealand was up 35,000, or 1.4 per cent, in the September 2016 quarter,” labour and income statistics manager Mark Gordon said.

“This strong growth in employment, coupled with fewer unemployed people, pushed the unemployment rate below 5.0 per cent for the first time in nearly eight years.”

You can see why?MPs in the Labour party are scratching each others’ eyes out to be the first to leave. ?With an economy like this, National would have to start torturing kittens not to be returned as part of the next government.

Sources at Fraser House tell me the pressure on certain people not to resign is severe. ? Labour simply can not afford, literally, other by-elections.

The absolute avalanche of resignation 3 months ahead of the general election will be epic, as that will be the ‘safe time’ that won’t trigger by-elections.


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