Greedy Goff wants taxpayers to pay for Labour’s light rail promise

Phil Goff doesn’t agree with Labour’s pork barrel promise for light rail to Mt Roskill. It isn’t that he doesn’t want it…because he really, really does…he just wants the taxpayers of Invercargill and Palmerston North to fund it.

The Labour Party cannot rely on Auckland Council to pay half of the cost of its light rail proposal for Auckland, with mayor Phil Goff questioning whether the council should have to pay anything.

Do Labour and Goff even talk anymore?

The city’s new mayor Phil Goff agreed, but questioned whether the council should have to put anything toward the network, as it could be treated as a road of national significance, and be fully funded by central government.

“It will be carrying far more passengers than many other roads around New Zealand that are funded 100 percent, so we’d want to negotiate between the Labour Party position of 50 percent funding and what would currently be paid for a road of national significance by central government, which is 100 percent,” he said.

Wow, the cheek of him, trying to declare a light rail track up Queen Street and Dominion Road a “road” of national significance.

That is where Goff will have a problem though, a road of national significance should have a decent BCR. The BCR for this dopey plan is?appallingly bad.

If Phil Goff and Labour want light rail then I suggest they form a company, put the proposal to the share market and have tickets unsubsidised and carrying an extra tax on them just like road users do with road user charges built into petrol and fuel prices. That should see the proposal scuttled in a heart beat. Subsidies are wrong, so is council and taxpayer funding of a project that will just cause more problems and is designed simply to get the decidedly average Michael Wood into parliament.


-Radio NZ