Greens go hard on “saving” Chch-Picton rail


The Greens are doing what they do best: ?petitions. ?(That’s when they’re not banning something).

Rail is essential for a sustainable and safe transport system. Moving freight by rail means fewer trucks on the road, fewer crashes, less pollution and ultimately less congestion in our cities and ports.

Add your name and call on the Minister of Transport to commit to funding the rebuild of the South Island rail line.

I’d like to see the numbers first. ?As for it being a safe transport system… can someone please hit Julie Anne Genter with a biodegradable phone book?


You can rebuild a road by going around obstacles. ?You can have vehicles go up and down over dips and rises. ?None of that it is easy with rail. ? The whole line is bent, dropped, raised, broken and covered in tons and tons of debris. ?To prepare that for laying a fresh set of rails is going to be expensive. ?So expensive, that no matter how much profit rail makes (where it has failed to do so in the past), it will never break even.

The only argument for putting it back is that it forms part of a?strategic objective. ?But the money will never stack up any other way.