George takes confession and discovers socialism caused the Kaikoura quakes

by Whaleoil stalwart, George

All this week I have felt like a parish priest taking confession. Not that those in attendance are confessing their own sins but are distancing themselves from those who are the real sinners. Most commentators of the MSM have confessed to their abhorrence of Max Key, Paul Henry, Donald Trump and, of late, Brian Tamaki.

One is witnessing the stampede of reporters rushing to the alter of forgiveness and cleansing to let their ever dwindling audience know that they are the disciples of wholesomeness. It’s as if they need the world to know that they’re not like the aforementioned sinners and the only way they can substantiate that is to express their horror, and indignation that such men exists.

The most amusing example of MSM ridicule was that heaped on Brian Tamaki who had blamed the Gay community for the Kaikoura earthquake. Whilst most of us would see this as a load of bollocks, none of the MSM, though very critical of Brian Tamaki, have put up alternative possibilities. Being aware of this I have taken the liberty to do some research and my findings will astonish you.

Socialism was unequivocally responsible for the Kaikoura earthquake.

It all started in May 2008. It was then that Helen Clark’s Labour-led government reached an agreement with Toll Holdings Ltd for the purchase of Toll New Zealand?s clapped out rail and ferry business for $666m. Forward to 2010/16 and Labour’s Len Brown continued his relentless pursuit for a Auckland rail loop, which was eventually granted with an estimated cost of $3.5b. But the final straw was Labour leader, Andrew Little’s election bribe of a light rail link from Mt Roskill to the CBD at a total cost $1.4b.

God, was having none of it. The socialists had stirred his wrath. His ever suffering flock, living in God’s Own, were about to be fleeced of the rewards of their toil by the socialists. With fury, he proclaimed: “To purgatory, you socialist simpletons. I shalt cast thy railways into yonder sea.” And so it came to pass. God moves in mysterious ways but never once did he choose to move by rail. As is quoted in Judges 5:10 “You who ride on white donkeys, who sit on saddle blankets, and who travel on the road, give praise!”

The science is settled.