Guest Post – So Clinton got Trumped!

A reader, Jack from Rotorua writes:

I was surprised – but I wasn?t surprised!

It always seemed clear many of the so-called uncommitted voters were lying low on their intention to vote for Trump.

I got the following email from a friend a week ago, 2 November:

?It will be a Monster Vote for Trump!!!?

After some of the outrageous stuff Trump said, and his ad hoc approach, his speech on election night was very good and reassuring ? very presidential and balanced, even surprisingly so after his lead up extravagancies.

So how did it happen? Lots of reasons. Just some thoughts:

  • High on the list, Trump?s battle cry: Make America great again!?
    This rang true with?and underlined people?s frustrations. He promised to put America first.
  • The US is essentially 50 very different countries under the one flag, and a few ?glossy? states overlooked hinterland America and its traditional values. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • People are fed up with liberalism, social engineering, and the PC regime/ brigade. It hasn?t worked – in many moral and social issues. ??
  • People are looking behind the scenes, past Trump, to the administration Trump will bring with him, who will be in key positions, and have big influence in a new regime. Many far prefer the expectation of Trump?s hopefully balanced team as against Clinton?s liberal legacy.
  • People seemingly believed Trump couldn?t carry out some of his extravagant claims but looked beyond them to whatever he can ?fix?. This will require the support and balance of the Republican benches.
  • Whilst many people love the Clintons and/or what they stand for, many others intensely dislike them and what they stand for, and Trump capitalised on this.
  • This also looks like a serious rejection of the Obama administration and his liberal policies.
  • Further, it is surely a very serious rejection of Obamacare.
  • Trump consistently pointed at the establishment and corruption, which rang true with the people.
  • Some of the mud stuck from Trump?s consistent attacking the integrity of the Clintons, assisted by the email issue amongst other things.
  • Many hinterland Americans despair that the US has become largely a service economy. The American dream grew out of a production and manufacturing economy, but much of this has been exported offshore ? to the detriment of jobs and the balance of payments.
  • Congress and the Senate haven?t been working well, the economy has been in trouble, the US is not a land of opportunity for many people, the liberal media has lost the plot, and people feel they have no power.
  • The example of Brexit probably had a significant impact.
  • Ordinary people in the US and elsewhere are frustrated. They have been feeling their governments have not been listening to what they are saying. This has been demonstrated in the UK (Brexit), in volatile Australian politics during the last few years, in the US for quite some time, and here, where successive governments have ridden rough shod over people with traditional values.

Can Trump make a difference? Who knows? Hopefully, he can. He will need to assemble the right team and will need to listen to them.

This election was unbelievable. Something is seriously wrong when these were seen as the preferred candidates in the whole of America. Someone posted that the election will cost more than 5 billion dollars and added ?There seriously has to be a cheaper way to find the worst people in America?.? We must hope this is proved wrong.

Can he carry out his promises? Certainly not 100%, probably not even 40%. His wings will get clipped ? have to be clipped.