Guest Post – Some Random thoughts on the USA Election

A reader emails:

Once upon a time the Democratic Party represented the poorer populations and the Republicans were associated with the wealthy.? The wealthy were self-made business people who mostly understood commercial realities, how to produce wealth for themselves, their employees and their communities.

The poor and middle class included state and federal workers who were a relatively small percentage of the population and survived on modest pay-packets.

Things have changed.? As the graph below shows the wealthiest state in the USA is Washington DC and they voted 93% Clinton. A remarkable outlier. In pure economic terms, they produce zero wealth and many would not have a commercial bone in their body.? The graph ably demonstrates that things have reversed – the Dems now represent the ?unproductive? rich and the Republicans are more closely aligned with the small business people and the wage earners at the bottom of the scale.

Source: WUWT

Source: WUWT

That is precisely why Trump?s ?Make America Great Again? was such a shrewd move.? Not only did it resonate with the Republicans most fertile voting turf but it drew out the sneering elite who despise America?s greatness and the capitalist ethics that made it the wealthiest nation on earth. Middle America has come to revile the elitist beltway dwellers, the blood sucking politicians, their sleazy, sycophantic media mates and the hordes of power hungry lobbyists who feed off each other?s superior-making, unreal, out of touch banalities.

The more the disdainful sniping, best personified by Clinton?s stupid reference to the ?deplorables? the tighter the Trump supporters became.? They didn?t brag, they didn?t even bother to tell the pollsters who they saw as part of the problem.? The kept their head down and headed off to the polling booths to deliver the most comprehensive and stunning result in American history.

If there is one truism in democracies it is you don?t despise or ignore the collective wisdom of the electorate and get away with it.

The voters heard the biased media?s day by day ?revelations? of Trump?s foul language and his indiscreet associations.? They withheld judgement.? Then they saw Clinton on stage drooling and hugging with another representation of the American elite ? Beyonce and Jay Z – with such filthy language and crude gesticulations and they saw hypocrisy at its condescending worst.

The voters read of Trump?s attitude toward women.? They withheld judgement.? Then they saw Bill Clinton looming large at his wife?s shoulder and they instinctively knew that if Hillary really had respect for her own womanhood and that of others she would not be lying and conniving to hide Bill?s continuing dalliances.

What the voters saw was the elite interviewing themselves and perpetuating their own myths and misconceptions.? No one ventured outside the beltway to talk to ?real? voters.? There was little appreciation of the distrust and antipathy growing by the day among wage earners who knew they were losing ground economically, among small businesses weighed down with idiotic regulation and fancy Washington generated ideals on global warming and liberal notions on gender.

No one in the halls of power had a handle on the effects of Mexican labour pouring over the border dislodging locals.? Rising resentment about health care costs were ignored.? Obama and, by definition, Clinton were not going to face the shame of failed health reforms.? The idea of the elite demanding America take more immigrants, knowing they wouldn?t be living in Washington or the leafy suburbs of New York and Baltimore provoked anger.? Trump was being derided as ?out of touch? but he was pushing all the right buttons.

America voted.? America spoke.? It was loud and harsh. Washington and the elite took a pounding.? Such is their isolation from any reality the pansies found every excuse except the right one to blame.

Kids used to having their inanities broadcast to the world on social media and who believed they were important and relevant burst into tears.? Their tiny bubble burst.? Out in Iowa they delivered their message and simply went back to work.? The job was done. ?Trump ?ill fix it?.