Gutless Labour continues to grandstand over euthanasia

The Labour party have no credibility when it comes to euthanasia. Maryan Street’s bill was removed from the ballot because David Cunliffe didn’t want an election distraction from their involvement in Dirty Politics. In the end, they could have used that distraction.

Then they removed Iain Lees-Galloway’s bill for the same reasons, ordered by Andrew Little.

So colour me surprised that they bare still grandstanding over euthanasia when their leadership and their party have shown they are abject cowards when it comes to the issue.

Labour MP Louisa Wall says her proposed law change to legalise assisted dying in New Zealand will not go into the private member’s bill ballot. ?

Why not? By grandstanding like this it actually isn’t a bill. There are only two ways to get a bill into parliament. The first is via a government bill the second is via the ballot. This is nothing short of grandstanding with no possible positive outcome for anyone.

Instead, she hopes her Authorised Dying Bill would inform Parliament of an alternative way to proceed with voluntary euthanasia.

In a rare move for a sitting MP, Wall tabled the proposed bill yesterday at a select committee which is considering public attitudes to euthanasia in New Zealand.

The move risked upsetting her party. Labour leader Andrew Little has previously warned another Labour MP, Iain Lees-Galloway, against putting a euthanasia-related bill in the ballot, saying he wanted the party to focus on greater priorities.

Wall clarified yesterday that the bill would not go in the ballot and said she had made her submission with the backing of her caucus.

The bill would allow terminally people with 12 months to live to apply to an ethics committee to get access to assisted dying.

Only the patient could apply to the committee, which would be made up of experts from medical, psychiatric, ethics, Maori tikanga, disability, elderly care, and legal fields.

Which all sounds nice, but it isn’t a bill, and it won’t work. It is simply grandstanding.

Louisa Wal is pathetic. Imagine if her gay marriage bill had just been treated as shabbily as she is treating this issue.

Labour lost any moral high ground to speak on this issue when they twice cancelled their bills to avoid upsetting people in election years.


– NZ Herald