Hager still trying to re-litigate Dirty Politics with OIA requests

On Monday I was emailed by the Department of Internal Affairs informing me that they were about to release the data attached at the bottom of this post to Nicky Hager. I didn’t even know that he had asked for it or that he had appealed the rejection of the release to the ?Ombudsman. The data shows calls and texts between Jason Ede and me between?January to August 2011 when Jason worked for Ministerial Services.

If you look at the data there are a number of one-minute calls which would be calls that resulted in no answer or went to voicemails. In total, it shows 106 communications over eight months.

Remember that Nicky Hager’s book made the contention that both David Farrar and I were conduits for the National party, in the pocket of the PM’s department being continually fed information. As with most of his book the suppositions are horseshit, and now, thanks to Nicky Hager’s own OIA requests we know his suppositions are horseshit. Perhaps Hager was thinking the National party operates like the Labour party does, and his little band of helpers who helped pore over the hacked data like Matt McCarten, Martyn Bradbury and Lynn Prentice related their own experiences thereby giving Nicky Hager the erroneous idea that we were Jason Ede’s bitches.

Let’s look at the data. Over eight months there are 57 texts and 49 phone calls. That is an average of seven text messages a month and six phone calls a month. The average duration of phone calls is just six minutes and ten seconds. Hardly the massive conspiracy that Hager made out it was in his book based on illegally obtained emails, messages and chats. ?

Like David Farrar,?I get dozens of phone calls on any given day. Frankly, a phone call from Jason Ede was usually annoying and a request to delete something I said on the blog, or whining about calling Steven Joyce Steve Joyce or some other such inanity. Those requests were always met with a refusal.

It is such a shame that Parliamentary Services isn’t subject to the OIA because I reckon I was in communication with other parties even more than the National party,?especially Labour MPs and staff. So seven texts and six phone calls a month is three-fifths of five-eighths of fuck all in reality.

I imagine Nicky Hager is going to write up some major piece to shill to complicit media in coming days about how we communicated. Well,?whoopie shit. I’m?not going to let Nicky Hager dominate the narrative ever again, which is why I am releasing my own data earlier than he will receive it. David Farrar has already done the same.

As David Farrar points out in his blog post, this sets a precedent, one the Labour party may not be thanking Nicky Hager for.

There is a more serious issue in?The Ombudsman directing DIA to release this info. It means there is now a precedent. So hey someone should ask DIA for the details of all phone calls and text messages from say Helen Clark to journalists from 2000 to 2008. Imagine the?fun we could have looking at her call logs and what stories were published by the journalists within the next 24 hours?

At some stage Labour will be in Government again, and this means we can OIA every one of their press secretaries every month demanding a detailed list of every phone call they have made, how long it lasted and to whom. ?Will be great fun.

Like Farrar, I am glad the information is being released. It shows that the massive media storm from Nicky Hager’s book was based on a fantasy.

The left-wing, via Nicky Hager, are still trying to fight a battle they comprehensively lost. Instead of moving on, they are trying to re-litigate 3 years ago. I’m not sure why they bother after all, the left-wing has discredited me for years as being ineffective, stupid or retarded…yet they hung on every word from Nicky Hager’s book.

I fully expect they will try again next year and break the law yet again to try and get dirt on me and John Key. That is how they roll, and without even a shred of irony they dare to say what I do is “dirty politics”.

Quite how it is news that I talk to people involved in politics is news is beyond me but it seems to float the left-wing’s boat.

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