Impertinent Questions for Duco Events and ATEED


Who is this?

A few days ago, there was a world title boxing match.

  • What day was it?
  • What championship was it?
  • Did you know it was on?
  • Who is?George Groves, and what country does he represent?
  • Who is?Eduard Gutknecht, and what country does he represent?
  • Is that the country he was born in, or the country he “fights out of”?
  • Where was the match held? ?Ok, forget the venue, which country?
  • Who won?
  • In how many rounds?
  • Was it a KO, TKO, split decision or unanimous decision?
  • Have you seen the match?
  • Did you pay to watch it?
  • Did you order any merchandise or spend any money because of the match being held?
  • Which of the fighters had to be rushed to hospital after the fight?
  • Have your feelings about the country it was held in, and/or won it, changed because of the match?
  • Do you have an urge to visit, because of the match?
  • Is there any way at all that you are going to spend money that will benefit business in the country hosting and/or winning the match because the match was held there, or the defence of the title is likely to take place there?
  • Will you finally admit you were trying to take taxpayer and ratepayer money to line your own pockets with a fanciful “business case”?
  • Is the fact that one boxer “fell ill” after the bout requiring hospitalisation something you consider enhances the sport, the arena, the county it was held in – in terms of a tourist destination?

The Kazakhstan-born fighter, who lost on a points decision against Groves, was taken ill in his dressing room after his 12-round contest.

Gutknecht, 34, was given oxygen by medics, who rushed to help him.

Once made stable the German-based boxer left on a stretcher and was brought to hospital.

Doctors then operated overnight and it is believed he is now sedated as they continue to monitor his condition.

Reports in Germany suggest he has suffered swelling to the brain.

Gutknecht suffered heavy punishment at the hands of Groves as the Londoner cruised to a wide points win.

Groves said: ?Out of respect for Eduard Gutknecht and his family?s privacy I don?t want to say too much but we are all deeply concerned to hear he was taken to hospital after the fight.

?I sincerely hope it is nothing too serious and I would like to send out my support and best wishes to him and his family at this difficult time.?

English middleweight Nick Blackwell collapsed at the end of his stoppage defeat by Chris Eubank Jnr at the same venue.

He suffered bleeding on his skull and was treated at St Mary?s hospital in Paddington where he eventually recovered, despite having to retire.

Scottish welterweight Mike Towell died just 25 hours after losing to Dale Evans in Glasgow just two months ago.

He had suffered severe bleeding and swelling to his brain.

Sunday Express

  • Anyone still think a world title boxing match is a great investment for ratepayers and taxpayers because they will collectively get their money back, and then some?