John Key shows how heartless he is, says government won’t legalise euthanasia

John Key is often described as heartless by the left-wing, and today he has proven it, by stating his government won’t lift a finger to legalise euthanasia.

There is zero chance of Government introducing legislation to legalise euthanasia even if an inquiry strongly recommends it, Prime Minister John Key says.

A select committee is part-way through a major inquiry on public attitudes to euthanasia in New Zealand, which is considering more than 20,000 public submissions and holding hearings around the country.

Key said today that regardless of the committee’s conclusions and the level of public support, the Government would not propose a change.

“There is no chance of it being a Government bill,” Key told reporters at Parliament this morning.

Key said he personally supported euthanasia. He would not take the step himself, but he believed others should be able to.

However, there was strong opposition to it within the National caucus, he said.

So what, he’s the Prime Minister, if he says pass it then the caucus will fall into line. It is as it ever was in that caucus, but apparently now if you oppose something then Key backs down.

Senior members of the Cabinet such as Bill English and Gerry Brownlee have previously voted against bills which would have made euthanasia legal.

“Ultimately you’re dealing with a really sensitive issue and I think the process is best handled through a member’s bill, as I’ve said so often before,” Key said.

Possibly he is right, but Labour keeps putting them in and then pulling them out when the politics doesn’t suit them. They are worse than John Key.


Leader Andrew Little said the Government should “at least” allow a euthanasia bill to come before the House so that a debate could take place.

However, he said a law change would not be a priority for a Labour-led Government.

What a wanker. After personally demanding a bill put in by Iain Lees-Galloway be pulled as it wasn’t his focus he now plays petty politics with other people’s lives. What. A. Cunt.

He would personally support the legalisation of euthanasia if it had the same safeguards as former MP Maryan Street’s proposed bill.

Street’s bill was withdrawn from the member’s ballot ahead of the 2014 election at the request of former Labour leader David Shearer, who was concerned it could become a distraction in election year.

Actually, it was David Cunliffe who was leader when Street withdrew her bill.

It was taken over by another Labour MP, Iain Lees-Galloway, but Little asked him not to return it to the ballot.

The Labour Party passed a remit at its annual conference on the weekend which said MPs would have a conscience vote on any euthanasia legislation.

Little said he was unsure about the level of support for a law change within his party.

He just saw a vote on a remit that was passed and the fool doesn’t know what his party thinks?

I despise Little for grandstanding on this when he personally requested a bill be axed.


– NewstalkZB