Why John Key will die in a ditch for Murray McCully

John Key is backing Murray McCully.

Many people will be wondering why that is, but the answer is actually quite simple.

He will stand by Murray McCully because he can. Labour are so absolutely useless and prosecuting any hit job that John Key knows he can laugh it off.

It is sad, but true.

Not a single ‘scandal’ has touched John Key or the government. They haven’t touched them because?Labour basically has tits for hands. They couldn’t organise a root in a ?brothel. ?

Oh yes, they will wail on in parliament, but they haven’t realised that no one watches or listens to parliament these days except political tragics.

The Media party will get exercised, Labour politicians will hurl around words like corrupt, when inept and dodgy would be better. They will all over egg it and all they will succeed in doing is making people feel sorry for the most evil politicians in parliament.

In the end, nothing will happen and McCully will either go list only, he’s facing a potential challenge anyway and can’t stop it now his membership is well over 600, or he will retire.

McCully should be gone for all money, but he will stay untouched because Labour are so bloody useless.

National will probably even go up in the polls.